1996 Corvette NHRA Stock Eliminator

back.jpg (188643 bytes) Tom discussing the "amount" of wax needed on the Corvette
to be an acceptable member of the machines.
side.jpg (30381 bytes) SIDE_FRONT.jpg (232414 bytes)
Planning, arguing, fighting, lying, basically male bonding session @ TT Motor sports Race Shop!  shop.jpg (25734 bytes)
SIDE_FINISH.jpg (18404 bytes) frnt.jpg (34213 bytes)
FINISH_SIDE.jpg (15942 bytes) FINISH_FRNT.jpg (20569 bytes)

  Then finally, IT'S ALIVE!

load.jpg (16058 bytes) trailer.jpg (135790 bytes)
Neighbors love the early wake up call...
who's got the keys?

California Bound 2:30 A.M.
2 in the box and ready to go!
"We be fast & they be slow!"

The "Tom Turner Motorsports Toy Box"
in the pits at Las Vegas, NV.

July 2004 Brad Plourd won the Fram Auto-Lite Nationals stock eliminator

 The monster in action at the Seattle Pacific Raceways June 17-20, 2004...